The day of Jac’s operation to donate a kidney to her mum, Paula, arrives and as the Doctor prepares to go under general anaesthetic, there’s still no love lost between her and her mother. Claiming she’s only giving her mum her kidney to get her out of her life, Jac can’t hide her fear as she faces the vulnerability of being a patient rather than the one holding the scalpel.

When the mother-daughter duo are operated on by Ric and Michael, a series of unexpected twists leaves Paula gravely ill. Luckily the situation is resolved and both survive the procedure, but Paula’s close shave makes Jac question her resentment towards the woman who abandoned her at 12. Can she finally forgive her mother and rebuild their relationship?

Meanwhile, Chrissie is stunned to find herself faced with Sacha’s mother and two daughters, who seem to assume that the pair will be getting married. As she spends her last day in the hospital before her maternity leave begins, it’s up to Chrissie to put Sacha’s extended clan right about their relationship!

Elsewhere: Michael has his nose put out of joint when Cunningham suggests he job shares with Connie; Ric is given an interesting proposition…