It’s the day of Jonny and Bonnie’s wedding and Jonny’s making last-minute arrangements when the usually hostile Jac surprises him with a toaster as a wedding present. Jonny’s thrown by Jac’s bizarre behaviour but when he recalls that, the first time he held their daughter, Emma, he said she smelt of toast, he accuses Jac of playing mind games and rejects the gift. As they argue, Bonnie’s brother Joel arrives with chest pains.

When Jac discovers Joel has a heart murmur and agrees to operate, Jonny knows she’ll need his help in theatre, and is certain Jac’s now trying to use Bonnie’s family to delay the wedding that afternoon. Later, as Jonny frantically tries to get to the registry office, where his blushing bride Bonnie is waiting, Jac grabs him and kisses him passionately! Will Jonny marry Bonnie – or will Jac’s actions stop them being together?

It’s the one-year anniversary of Zosia’s mother’s death and, after rejecting flowers from her father, Holby boss Guy, she treats Finn, whose brother Owen is interested in who sent her the bouquet. Owen finds a bottle of date-rape drug GHB in Finn’s jacket, which Finn brushes off as ‘a bit of fun’. Later, Owen finds Zosia drowning her sorrows in a bar and insists on buying her a drink. Will Zosia realise she’s being drugged before it’s too late?

Also, following the news that Connie Beauchamp has taken over as the new head of the ED, Serena enlists Adele’s help to ensure all patients on AAU complete the new patient satisfaction survey. But will Serena be reminded that patient care is about more than just ticking the right boxes?