Will Jac put her baby first?

It’s a big day for Jac and Jonny as their baby, Emma, faces risky surgery to repair the life-threatening hole in her diaphragm. Jac’s been busy researching options for babies with Emma’s condition and is adamant the tot stands the best chance of survival if she has the operation that day.

Jonny’s keen to discuss things but Jac swiftly signs Emma’s consent form before dashing off to treat Robbie, a young man dying of cystic fibrosis. Jac pushes Robbie to have life-saving surgery and wants to see his treatment through, so she’s annoyed when Elliot suggests she should be with Emma – she’s decided that Robbie needs her more.

As Jonny keeps watch over Emma in intensive care, Jac throws herself into Robbie’s surgery, until a crisis during his operation makes her realise she needs to be with her baby. Dropping everything, Jac races to be with Emma, arriving just as she’s about to be taken in for surgery. Jonny holds Jac’s hand as they support each other outside theatre. Is this the beginning of a new chapter for Jac and Jonny?

Meanwhile, Arthur assures Sacha he can work with Dominic, but instead embarks on a sabotage mission. Sacha discovers this and gives Arthur a brutal dressing down – will Arthur learn from his mistakes and make an effort with Dominic?

Also, Mo and Adele lock horns when Mo pulls rank on Adele over a patient, shattering her sister’s trust. Can they mend their relationship?