Will Jac reveal who attacked her?

Alan is rushed in to Darwin after Lola hits him with some scaffolding. Lola tells Maria to give Alan some unlawful medication so that they can keep him longer as they try and persuade Jac to make a statement following her attack.

Joseph appears to be genuinely concerned for Jac when he hears about the attack; but Jac refuses to talk to the police and is angry with Lola for assuming that she would. When Lola disturbs Jac in theatre, Jac finally snaps, telling the police she was not attacked.

It’s the day of Louise’s big stent trial but she discovers Darwin have bumped her patient. Then Tony arrives claiming that his mother Barbara needs a stent, and Clifford and Louise talk Barbara into having the surgery.

The surgeons operate on Barbara but when they go to retrieve the next batch of stents they notice the fridge has been switched off, affecting their quality. After Jac uses a damaged stent, it’s up to Clifford and Louise to try and keep the patients stable until Louise’s boss Neil Holman is out of the building to save the trial.

Elsewhere, Chrissie sees Sam and Faye together and tells him it’s over between them. Later, Faye tells Sam she knows about Chrissie and dumps him.

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