Will Jack and Darren do a runner?

Darren prepares to clear the Osbornes’ debts and receive thousands of pounds in insurance cash. But he is dismayed when Frankie says she can’t go through with the hand over. Frankie is anxious when she finds Newt in the park, not wanting him to witness her paying off the loan sharks.

Back at The Dog, Frankie returns to hear a crash from upstairs and she and Darren discover a dishevelled Jack. As Darren suggests that Jack can live upstairs in the attic, Newt makes a surprise entrance. After sending him packing, Frankie is speechless when Darren suggests they do a bunk to Spain…

Myra is intrigued to hear that Kieron has been in contact with her son’s foster mother who wants to help in her search for her son. But she begins to back track when she starts to consider whether her son can ever forgive her for abandoning him.

Still fantasising about Mike, Michaela is delighted when he invites her round for tea, although Amy is far from thrilled. Mike encourages Michaela to enter a competition in the local newspaper, and she agrees, providing Mike helps her.

Also, Mercedes is determined make her relationship with Malachy more than just sex, and Myra announces she’s going to plan Kieron and John Paul’s wedding.

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