Will Jack choose Paige or the church?

Jack struggles with his feelings for Paige

Paige is startled as a figure appears at the kitchen door. It’s Jack, there to declare that his choice is made and he chooses her. It seems to be everything Paige has been hoping for… But as Jack springs awake in his bed, we soon realise it’s a dream.

After confessing his feelings for Piper to Father Vincent, Jack asks God for help, but he gets a vision of Paige instead. It seems his mind is finally made up… until he returns to the church – to find Father Vincent collapsed.

Sonya shocked when Mark charges Clive West for the bike path hit-and-run. A passionate libertarian and committed letter writer, Sonya is ready to dismiss his claims of bias until she learns he lost his family to a traffic accident caused by a cyclist. And when Clive is quoted in a critical news story in the paper, it seems community tensions are set to boil over.