Will Jack find out the truth?

Curious Charlie asks Jack if he has any idea why there would be a DNA test in Roman’s bedroom. Jack mentions this to Martha who panics and rushes off to confront Roman about leaving it lying around. But when Charlie witnesses them together later, she confides in Jack she is worried that Roman may have something to hide. When suspicious Jack discovers the amniocentesis papers in Martha’s bag, he confronts her, having guessed that Martha doesn’t know who the dad of her baby is.

Nicole is unimpressed with Roman’s relationship with Charlie, unable to understand what he sees in Charlie and thinking he should be spending more time with her. Desperate for someone to talk to, she approaches Aden who isn’t interested. Later, she’s further annoyed when she spots her dad and Charlie together on the beach.

New buddies Jai and Axel mess around manipulating a photo of Bartlett, and end up causing the whole school computer system to crash. Jai ends up taking the blame, and the brunt of Barlett’s anger. And Aden isn’t too happy either when he loses the assignment he was working on.

Also, Belle worries how Aden can work at the Diner, care for his sick dad and keep on top of his schoolwork.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday August 27*

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