Still being blackmailed by crooked police partner George, Jack continues to watch George get up to no good, and feels uncomfortable when George forces Jonah to hand over £200 to avoid being sent back before the parole board. Martha is furious when she discovers the truth, and confronts Jack, telling him if he doesn’t do something to stop George, she’ll have no choice but to report him.

Jack finally acts when he suspects Lewis and George of being involved in a dodgy deal. He follows them to a house and declares to George he’s going to blow the whistle on him whatever the consequences. However, he soon realises he’s actually in George’s house and George has a disabled daughter Jesse. Jack is left with no choice, but to apologise and back off.

Back at the station, Jack learns about the struggle George has had as a single parent with debt from ongoing medical bills and trying to juggle work and parenthood. George pleads for Jack to turn a blind eye to his dodgy behaviour but Jack insists George stay straight from now on.

Also, Martha is increasingly confused by her growing feelings for Jonah, the man who once terrorised her. Can she ever trust him again?

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