Will Jack take Ronnie back?

Michael’s furious when he learns that Ronnie is staying with Roxy. Michael confronts Ronnie and warns her that he wants her gone. Later, an unsuspecting Jack walks in to find Ronnie and beats a hasty retreat. Dot tells Jack that he’s got the real Ronnie back now and he can’t just abandon her. Jack later goes to Roxy’s and tells Roxy he can’t move on from Ronnie. Thinking Ronnie is asleep, he strokes her face tenderly before leaving. Ronnie watches him leave.

Phil tells Ian that Jane will be using his lawyer Jimmie for the divorce hearing. Ian panics and Alfie offers to go along to court with him for support. Ian lies that his businesses are running at a loss and he’s skint. Phil’s furious when he finds out and searches Ian’s house. Phil texts a picture of a stash of cash to Jimmie. Jane tells Ian she’s having the cafe.

Meanwhile, Yusef stews when Masood and Zainab get Tamwar and Afia onside by offering to let them have the Argee Bharjee as a wedding present. Masood is smug when he sees Yusef’s sour face. In the Vic, Yusef finds Ian and goads him into spilling the beans about Jane and Masood. Ian tells Zainab that Jane is a cheat – just like Masood.

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