Julia trails Ocean around for the day, feeling guilty after feeding Marlin meat. She’s impressed by Ocean’s parenting skills and her dedication to attachment parenting. By the end of the day Julia offers a heartfelt apology and Ocean agrees to give her one more chance.

Some flowers arrive at the Mill – Zara recognises they’re her favourite flowers and whisks them away believing they’re from Jack. She finally finds the card and breathes a sigh of relief to see they’re for Jimmi from a fan. Later on she does receive a present from Jack; a cheap fake gold bracelet. Karen sees it and thinks its lovely but Zara throws it in the bin, disgusted.

Karen picks it out and at home that night Karen shows it off. Jack’s mortified and runs to his room upset. Rob is forced to go after him by Karen, and Jack reveals the truth about him and Zara. Rob is stuck between pride and horror at his son’s behaviour. He tells Jack to end it and never, ever, tell his mother!

Two students vie for Ruth’s affections, plying her with gifts and flowers, but Ruth doubts the authenticity of their feelings.

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