Roxy is stunned to discover that Ronnie has left Walford and angrily blames Jack and threatens to keep him apart from Amy. Phil tells Jack that Ronnie was heading for the airport and it’s a race against time for Jack as he tries to get to her. Ronnie has just gone through the gate as Jack arrives and he grabs a microphone and announces his love for her over the Tannoy. Ronnie is stunned…

Peggy returns from holiday and finds a drunk Phil and Shirley snogging and tells Phil he should be ashamed of himself. Shirley and Phil stumble into the Square and Phil wants to go for a drive. Shirley grabs Phil’s keys and teasingly tells him he can have them back if he says he loves her. Shirley is devastated by Phil’s mocking tone as he declares his love and demands the keys.

Tanya heads to the Vic and leaves Max babysitting and she ends up having an awkward chat with Al. When Tanya gets back Max tries again to get Tanya to celebrate his birthday. A frustrated Tanya picks up the phone and finds the courage to ask Dr Jenkins out for dinner.

Also, Billy worries about Nick’s blackmail; Syed tells Janine he’s moving in with his family.

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