Will Jacob take revenge on the copper?

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp has to tell Jacob no disciplinary action will be taken against the police officer who accidentally shot him during the hospital terror attack.

Jacob’s furious and asks Connie to get him the name of the armed response police officer. When she refuses he threatens to get it himself and take matters into his own hands!

At first it seems an empty threat because he’s angry. But as the shift wears on and Jacob’s forced to deal with a patient paying the price for another person’s selfish actions his temper flares further. At the end of his shift the angry nurse puts in a call to a shady friend…

Also this week, Charlie spots Lily giving Alicia an unnecessarily hard time. At first it seems Lily’s going to act more kindly towards the junior medic, but later she sabotages Alicia’s reputation with Connie!

Elsewhere, some fishy business between two warring anglers reels in paramedics Dixie and Iain.

Meanwhile, Cal has fallen hook, line and sinker for baby Matilda – but is she really his daughter?