Jacqui’s getting on like a house on fire with her new internet friend, Rhys, who wants to meet up. But neither Jacqui nor Rhys are allowed the day off and are stuck at work together. Both text their online friends, unaware they’re texting each other.

Malachy quizzes Brendan as to where he’s been all night, but gets the brush-off. Brendan makes sure Cheryl will get her money back from the insurance company and then vows to find who did this. Brendan takes a shifty phone call from Veronica, prompting Malachy to tell Cheryl that Brendan is the burglar. Brendan fills Veronica in and she decides that the amount of money should double, else she’ll tell Malachy that Brendan paid her to scam him and the McQueens.

Alistair bewitches Cindy with romantic tales as they enjoy a champagne picnic together. But the reality of their age difference sets in. She’s thrown by his nonchalance at her decision to break things off.

Also; Tex scours the flat for spare change as Dave, Charlotte and India look on. India goes looking for Grandpa, when Alistair turns up at the flat and the sisters embrace their Grandpa! Alistair gives India a wad of cash to dole out to Tex as and when she needs it.

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