Will Jade get her man?

Jade’s feeling torn up about Kyle as her feelings continue to grow for him. Annoyed that he’s oblivious to her many advances, she decides to take bold action. Ignoring Sonya’s suggestion of confessing her feelings to him, Jade feels that spending the night with him will finally make her lose interest. But her plan fails, and she’s left feeling more smitten than before.

Andrew thinks he’s got away with the perfect backpacking scheme, but little does he know that Paul is fully aware of his money-making antics. Thinking he has his tracks covered, his scheme is revealed after a group of backpackers turn up announced on Paul’s doorstep. Paul is left reeling and, angry that Andrew hasn’t had the decency to own up, plans an unusual surprise for his upcoming 18th birthday.

Having constantly felt isolated by Susan’s dedication to Jim, Karl decides to step in as Jim’s new doctor. Now that he’s nearing the end of his life, Karl recognizes that Susan needs his support more than ever. He tries desperately to prepare her for the worst as the seriousness of Jim’s deteriorating health become apparent. But with Susan refusing to believe him, she’s only heading for heartbreak.