Will Jade spill the beans?

It’s the morning after the night before, and Mark seems to be having regrets about spending the night with Jade. When he sees Jade, he looks uncomfortable but she assures him he has nothing to worry about, she isn’t going to tell Kate and she’s happy to pretend it never happened.

There’s a pub quiz at Charlie’s and Kate, Jade and Kyle have formed a team. When Mark arrives, Kate asks him to join their team and he agrees. When Jade arrives back from the bar, Mark’s on edge. However, when the team start talking about a film where a girl has an affair with her best friend’s boyfriend, the conversation gets heated and Jade gets defensive. Mark’s had enough and is about to tell Kate the truth, but Jade steps in and diffuses the situation.

Libby is still fixated on her five-year plan and Karl can’t help but take a peak at her list of things to achieve. Thinking the list isn’t realistic, they advise her to take it one step at a time and she agrees to focus on one thing; being principal. Knowing she has to keep Michael onside, she tells him he has her support on his controversial ‘no school uniform’ policy.

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