Will Jai listen to Nikhil or his heart?

Jai still has Nikhil nattering in his ear, telling him Charity’s a wrong ‘un and he should bin her while it’s not going to cost him too much. But Jai loves Charity, simple as. He knows she’s no angel, but she’s an irresistible devil; she’s exciting and full of life. It’s make your mind up time and Jai does just that: he phones his mum and tells her he’s marrying Charity. That’s just what Charity wanted to hear!

That’s not at all what Cain wants to hear, though. And he doesn’t like Charity’s new rules for him, either… But Charity makes it clear: if he steps out of line she will tell Debbie what he did to Amy. Then she tells Victoria that she has put Cain in his place and he won’t be bothering Amy any more. Ah, but none of them know Amy’s still pregnant!

Feeling humiliated by Charity, Cain needs to make someone suffer – and that someone is Moira. Farmer John tells Cain the 4×4 had better be legit and Moira later thanks Cain for not saying anything about their financial arrangement. But Cain makes it clear she’s going to have to pay to keep him quiet.