Will Jai survive his plunge through the ice?

Jai takes Charity out to a romantic spot where they once declared their undying love for each other. But Charity just can’t get past his betrayal with Rachel. As her anger bubbles up again, she pulls off her wedding band and throws it across the frozen lake. Wanting to show his wife just how much he cares, Jai ventures out to retrieve it. As the ice splits and Jai plunges into the freezing water, Charity must act fast if she’s going to bother saving her cheating husband…

It’s time for David to man up and tell Priya he’s got engaged. But when the shopkeeper clocks his heartbroken, pregnant ex suffering from morning sickness, he can’t bring himself to make her feel worse. Will Dom, however, spare Priya the news when he sees his ex, Alicia, sporting an engagement ring?

The court case is looming and Laurel’s terrified. Having been told she could go down for her assault on Ross – no matter that he’s a wrong ‘un who carjacked her – she’s beginning to wish she’d changed her statement.