Jai has been getting his head around the news that he has a daughter: Mia. Wow! His best friend’s little girl, the one he watched grow up, is actually his! He tells Nikhil, who tells Jai he should tell Mia the truth. Jai’s a little more considerate…he goes to talk to Declan. But he doesn’t like what he hears: Declan is coldly determined to get Mia out of his life. Is that what he really wants? That’s not what it looks like after Jai leaves, but Declan is hurting and thinks getting rid of Mia will make the pain go away.

It’s painful but Declan reveals to his dad that he’s not a dad. Mia is Jai’s daughter, not his. So Mia’s not Dermot’s granddaughter. Dermot’s stunned and utterly dismayed when Declan tells him he wants to remove Mia from his life. He wants her away from Emmerdale – and he wants Dermot to take her and watch out for her. What the eye can’t see the heart can’t grieve for, eh?

Marlon’s another Emmerdale male with a dilemma. He’s wondering what’s cooking between him and Laurel. They’re spending a lot of time together and he likes her – a lot. She seems to like him, too…