*First episode*

As guests arrive for Moira and Cain’s wedding in the beautifully decorated barn at Butler’s Farm, James sneaks into the farmhouse while Moira’s getting ready. As Moira pleads with him to keep quiet about Adam, James makes it clear that  he intends to cause trouble… Meanwhile, as Cain – and the wedding guests – wait for the bride to appear, he realises something is wrong and heads over to the house…

With Debbie attending Cain’s wedding, Charity is a bit down in the dumps as she prepares for her own nuptials. When she’s all dressed up and ready to go, she tells her son Noah that this will be the last time she’s going to get married and tries to convince herself that she’s doing the right thing. Will she go through with it?

Meanwhile, Declan tells Megan that he’s glad that she will be there to share his big day with him and says she will be in charge of the business for the next month. But where will he be?