Annoyed with his small payout from Rob, James starts looking closer to home to make money from his next scam, with a plan to ruin Ken. Getting the Barlows out of the house he meets with a surveyor to check the price of the house. His nerves are shredded especially when Steve calls round to drop off Amy, and unluckily for Amy is watching everything.

Frank’s been a tower of strength since the death of Carla‘s mum and after he helps her go through her things she suggests a meal at the Bistro to say thanks. It’s clear she wants to take their relationship further.

Audrey’s falling head over heels for Marc despite her reservations. As it’s clear she has yet to come to terms with Marcia being in their relationship.

Also; Hayley arranges time off work so she can care for Hope; and Becky reveals she’s moving on and she’s going on a date with a new man.

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