James is in the dog house after lying about where he was going to be the previous evening. Chas is especially annoyed because she had gone to a lot of effort to attract her fella’s attention by dressing up to the nines in a little black dress. To make it up to her, James takes time out to treat his girlfriend to a slap-up meal at the B&B, where they enjoy playing truth or dare. But sometimes the truth hurts…

At work, Donna gets a tip-off about the home of a known criminal called Gary North where there’s a stash of stuff that will bring in loads of cash. Ross agrees to help and the pair plan to burgle the property, but when Marlon sees them together, he warns her to steer clear of the Barton bad boy. Covering, Donna tells Marlon that she’s just gaining Ross’s trust so she can nick him.

After being thrown out by Declan, Robbie’s crashing at the Sharmas, but when he hears Rishi and Jai talking he soon realises he’s in the way so he pretends that he’s sorted a place to stay. Desperate, Robbie asks Adam if he can stay with him, but when the answer is no, he ends up sleeping in a truck!