As Jamie collects Luke from the garage, Sophie’s aghast to realise where he’s going and guiltily informs Steph that Luke’s competing in an illegal race. Steph and Andy arrive at the track and are horrified to see Luke behind the wheel.

When an irate Simon shouts that nobody wants him any more, Robert makes him see he’s lucky to have Leanne. Simon breaks down as Robert hugs him. But when Simon spots Leanne returning from a shopping trip, his mood darkens. Alone in the house doing their homework, Amy and Simon row. Amy makes to phone Tracy, but Simon snatches her mobile and throws her against a wall.

When Izzy drops her shopping in the street, Jake runs off while she’s distracted. Alya catches Jake and Izzy’s grudgingly grateful. But when Alya ruefully suggests that Gary might have been better off sticking with Izzy, Izzy’s offended and Alya beats a retreat.

Dev offers to help Erica settle into the shop flat and assures Mary he has no designs on Erica.