As Jamil’s wedding looms, India and Tex rally round to support their friend. Jamil snaps and declares that he’s not going to go through with it, just as his wife-to-be Lanika and older brother Rashad turn up. Jamil takes them away to speak privately, as the friends discuss a plan of action.

Lynsey’s at school and becomes concerned when Sinead says there’s something she wants to talk about. When Sinead returns home at lunchtime to find Diane still with the baby, Diane reveals that she thinks he might be ill. So Sinead goes off to recruit Lynsey. Diane’s horrified to see Lynsey and is insistent that she can look after the baby herself. As Sinead reveals to a stunned Lynsey that her mum’s stolen the baby, Diane breaks down.

Rashad’s concerned and explains that their parents wouldn’t force him into anything he didn’t want to do. Jamil apologises and vows to be there at the registry office. Lanika’s relieved, but Rashad still has some doubts. Jamil heads to the SU bar to focus on his play rehearsals, but two figures appear out of nowhere and try to tie him up.

Also; Ste plucks up the courage to ask Rae out and is delighted when she suggests that night.

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