Will Janae stay in Ramsay Street?

Janae steps into the boxing ring with Michaela, but gets a battering which distresses Janelle. Steiger placates Janelle by revealing that Ned is in love with her daughter. Janae’s determination, strength and grit in the ring have clearly left Ned besotted.

Having rejected Janae’s parenting advice, Ned is forced to think again when he realises Mickey is copying his bad behaviour. Ned discovers Mickey’s problems have come from his fear that Janae is going to leave, and Ned realises that he too doesn’t want Janae to go. Later, Janae ends up following her heart and announces she’ll stay with Ned and Mickey in Erinsborough.

Sky persuades a reluctant Harold to tell Janelle the truth about Loris’ baby swap. Meanwhile, Anne reveals to Janae and Bree exactly what Loris did. Later, just as Harold is on the verge of telling all to Janelle, he is confronted by both Bree and Janae who plead with him to keep it from Janelle, convinced it will destroy her happiness. Harold relents and promises to keep their secret, leaving Janelle in ignorance.

Also, Sky and Caleb continue to comfort each other and Harold is impressed when Caleb seeks his permission to date Sky.