Will Jane pull through?

Ian bursts into tears of relief when the surgeon tells him that Jane’s operation went well, but he realises that something serious has happened. The surgeon tells a stunned Jane and Ian that Jane had bleeding in her pelvis and they had no option but to remove her womb. Jane is devastated to lose her chance to have children.

Peggy tells Ronnie and Roxy to look after the pub as she’s arranged to see Aunt Sal for the day. Roxy is puzzled when the phone rings later in the day and it’s Aunt Sal, wanting to have a chat with Peggy and she wonders what Peggy is really up to. Meanwhile, Ronnie suggests to Roxy that they think about buying Scarlet’s and running their own club.

Kevin’s day gets off to a bad start when he has a run-in with the new postman. Meanwhile, Denise has a confrontation with Zainab over a loaf of bread! Kevin is fed up with Denise’s feud with Zainab and he forces her to go to the Masoods to welcome them to the Square. But he’s lost for words when Zainab’s husband Masood answers the door – he’s Kevin’s new postman!

Also, Hazel inadvertently offends Minty when she says she likes his fat tum!

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