Jane is full of guilt about leaving Tanya after their row as she prepares for her last day in Walford. When Ian wants support over Ben she feels even worse about going. Jane is overwhelmed when her friends organise a farewell party in the Vic. When Gethin arrives to collect her she tearfully says she can’t go. Christian talks Jane round and, after making up with Tanya, she excitedly waves goodbye to the Square.

Fat Boy is gutted when he loses his job at the Car Lot to Lauren. Tyler comes to Fat Boy’s rescue and offers him work at the Emporium. Later in the Vic, Fat Boy witnesses the connection between Tyler and Whitney when Whitney coyly thanks Tyler for helping Fat Boy. Fat Boy marks his territory by declaring his love over the mic and is rattled when Whitney returns his love without feeling.

Lucy is still intrigued by Mandy’s secret phone calls and texts. She’s smug when she finds out they’re not from Mandy’s hairdresser as she claimed. Lucy delights in making Mandy feel uncomfortable by questioning where she’s been all morning. Mandy tries to warn off Lucy, but is rattled.

Also, Phil agrees to see Shirley and is angry with her for keeping secrets about Ben being a grass.