Ryan and Janine are in a state of panic with baby Lily on the back seat as they are stuck on the level crossing with a train fast approaching. Ryan manages to get Lily to safety at the expense of helping Janine, who can’t open her door. Janine manages to get the car started in the nick of time and drives it out of the way of the train. Ryan and Janine return to the Square with Lily.

Stacey realises Lily is missing and frantically bangs on Janine’s door. Ryan appears holding Lily and they placate Stacey by telling her that they took Lily away from the party for some peace and quiet. After Stacey leaves with Lily, Janine lays into Ryan and accuses him of leaving her to die on the track.

Max and Vanessa find ‘slapper’ spray-painted on the front door. Vanessa suspects it was Harry. Posters of a topless Vanessa have been stuck up all around the Square. Darren catches Harry spraying one of the cars in the car lot and is stunned when Harry reveals that Jodie isn’t his daughter. Meanwhile, Vanessa tells Max that Harry isn’t Jodie’s father, but insists that Jodie must never find out.

Also, Kat and Alfie prepare to move into the Vic.

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