Pat organises a hen do for Janine at the club and bribes the local ladies to go by putting money behind the bar. The night goes downhill when Peggy and Sam argue with Janine and Peggy lets slip that Pat doesn’t think Janine’s marriage will last. Janine feels betrayed and Kim puts the boot in when she tells Janine that no one likes her.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Ricky celebrate Ryan’s stag do alone in the Vic. Ryan gets drunk and strips off in the square and loudly proclaims his love for Janine. In the club, a miserable Janine is about to settle the bar bill when a flashy bloke Richard offers to pay. Janine flirts with Richard and follows him to his car. Janine hears Ryan declaring his love, but drives off with Richard…

The Mitchells celebrate as Peggy signs the papers to get the pub back. Peggy resolves to get her son back too and enlists Billy and Minty’s help to kidnap Phil from the crack den and bring him home. Peggy locks Phil in an upstairs room at the Vic with the windows boarded up to stop him escaping.

Also, Dot is in shock when Stacey reveals that Bradley is not Lily’s father.

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