Will Janine expose Stacey?

Max is horrified when Lauren confesses she gave Janine a copy of Stacey’s confession. Max breaks into Janine’s flat to find the phone, but she disturbs him. Janine strides into the Vic and tells the Christmas revellers she has news about Stacey. Max smirks as he’s deleted the recording. Janine isn’t deterred and announces that Stacey murdered Archie. Ryan doesn’t believe it, but Stacey tells him that it’s true…

Phil talks Shirley into organising a Mitchell and Beale family gathering as he knows it will be awkward for Ian and Glenda. Phil enjoys seeing Ian squirm. Glenda is put out when Phil tells her he knows she slept with Ian. Phil stuns everyone when he asks Peter to explain why he pushed Glenda down the stairs. Peter feels forced to make an excuse to protect Ian. Peter packs a bag and heads for the station. Peter bumps into Ben on the way, who has one of Glenda’s earrings – he was the culprit, not Peter!

Bianca discovers the kids have stolen some perfume for her Christmas present. The police come knocking and to cover for Connor’s stolen jewellery she admits to the stolen perfume. Bianca accidentally hits one of the coppers and is driven off in a police car!

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