Will Janine finish off Ryan?

Ryan is in hospital on a ventilator after his collapse. Janine sits at his bedside and toys menacingly with his oxygen tube. Pat arrives and Janine collapses in her arms. She confesses that she tried to murder Ryan with sedatives and was considering finishing the job as Pat walked in. Ryan wakes up and Janine confesses that she tried to kill him!

Peter is nursing a broken heart after his knock back from Whitney. Matters aren’t helped when he’s forced to work opposite Whitney when Ian asks him to help out on the stall. Peter and Ian get into an argument. Peter is stunned when Ian blurts out that he’s been sleeping with Glenda. Peter wonders whether to tell Jane.

Bianca and Ricky are struggling to find enough money to give the kids a decent Christmas. Bianca is disappointed when Ricky brings home a dated second-hand games console as a joint Christmas present for the kids. Bianca is mortified when the kids unwrap the present as soon as it goes under the tree. Bianca tells the kids that they will have a great Christmas with all the trimmings. Ricky is unconvinced.

Also, Phil is furious with Connor’s indiscretion when he discovers Whitney selling the stolen jewellery on her stall.

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