Will Janine go through with the wedding?

In another special hour-long episode, Kat pushes Michael into confessing the truth to her after pointing out Jean could get sectioned. At the wedding, as Ricky stumbles through a reading, Michael takes Janine outside and reveals that Jean was telling the truth. A manipulative Michael insists Janine rip up the pre-nup to prove her trust. Janine agrees and the ceremony goes ahead. Janine is rushed to hospital after collapsing during the first dance and has an emergency C-section. Michael sees his tiny baby covered in wires and tubes and is distraught.

Derek is miffed when he shows Tanya a necklace he’s bought for Alice and she suggests it’s tacky. Derek spitefully tells Tanya that Max got up to all sorts while they were separated. Tanya confronts Max, who reveals he’s not proud of what he did. With his confession out in the open, Max gets down on one knee and proposes. Tanya says ‘yes’!

Derek learns that Alice’s mum has found out about her seeing him. Derek realises that Lucy has been telling tales and drags Lucy out of the cafe to apologise. During the ruckus, a mystery man turns up and punches Derek! It’s Derek’s son Joey, Alice’s brother, who demands that Alice return home.

Also, Abi leaves for Costa Rica after Jay tells her it’s Costa Rica or him.