Will Jas land a full-time job?

Kevin suggests Jas go to Howard to ask about a full-time position as one should be available now Daniel is on extended leave. Jas does go to Howard who vaguely says he’ll have to get back to her and a disheartened Jas phones Aran for his advice; should she push for the job?

It would mean committing to The Mill for longer. Aran snaps that they had one night; he isn’t having any part in her big life decisions. Jas is dismayed so when Howard gives her the full-time job her reaction is a little lacklustre. She tells Aran in a message and is later thrilled when he calls to apologise and to take her out to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Emma is upset to overhear Chris telling Jas and Kevin the sooner his mum leaves The Mill the better.

Also, Jimmi has to decide if he believes the claims of a vulnerable drug addict or the DI who desperately wants the addict to inform on her dealer.