Jase is working hard at Jenny’s house to get her building and DIY jobs finished off. Jenny seems very interested in Jase’s fiancee Dawn and Dawn’s daughter Summer and asks him lots of questions. Jenny offers to babysit for Jase and Dawn if they’re ever stuck and later Jase asks ‘Jenny’ to babysit while he prepares for his engagement drinks with Dawn. Little does Jase realise that ‘Jenny’ is Dawn’s nemesis Dr May!

Denise has returned to Walford to a delighted Libby and Chelsea, but she is less than happy to find a strung-out Chelsea, and Chelsea’s ex-crack addict dad Lucas! Lucas confesses that Chelsea has been doing cocaine and Denise’s initial reaction is to confront her, but instead she encourages Chelsea to open up about her feelings.

Jean panics when a woman called Brenda, who she has been emailing on Charlie’s behalf, announces she’s coming to Walford. Jean confesses to Bradley that Brenda thinks the emails have been from Charlie, while Charlie knows nothing about her! Charlie discovers what Jean’s been up to, but he’s impressed by Brenda when she arrives at the door.

Also, Bianca is exhausted working all day in the cafe and all evening stuffing envelopes; Vinnie wants to restart the five-a-side pub league.

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