Will Jason and Bart kiss?

Jason nervously waits at Relish for his date, Andy. Scared Andy will know he is actually a she, Jason keeps his cap on. He’s disheartened when the date doesn’t go swimmingly but is left curious when Silas reveals that Bart was watching from afar. He confronts the lad who insists he was just looking out for his friend. Jason argues that Bart must still care for him but Bart strongly denies this is the case. The tension rises as they fight, and it’s clear that something has to happen between them, and the pair kiss.

Meanwhile, Diane is furious with a hungover Sinead after a night spent drinking with Bart. She tells her that Bart is no good for her if she wants to go to college and make something of her life.

Duncan is annoyed when his security blanket goes missing – in his exam stress he can’t sleep without it. He spots his prize possession in the hands of Kathleen-Angel and tries to steal it back.

Also, Cheryl enjoys winding Mitzeee up through Warren, and Rhys is unable to get a bank loan to pay the rent. Jacqui decides she needs help but is worried about calling her family.

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