Eva encourages Jason to give Tony a chance. He agrees to meet Tony at the Bistro on Monday night, forgetting that Eileen’s arranged Todd’s birthday meal at the same venue.

Roy’s terrified when the doctor prescribes more morphine for Hayley. Knowing she’s planning her final curtain, Roy heads to Freshco to buy more of Hayley’s favourite strawberries. But when he realises they’ve sold out he flips. It seems the pressure and grief has finally got to him.

Peter’s clearly rattled when the factory girls discuss Tina’s abrupt departure. Desperate for news of Tina, Peter corners Liz in the Rovers, but when Carla spots their conversation getting heated, she asks what’s going on.

Also, Steve’s outraged by Michelle’s sex ban; Audrey’s miffed when Kylie reveals that Maria’s gone to view a house.