Following the incident at the ravine, Robbie torches the car and runs in the opposite direction from his brother. Ben arrives at the scene as Jason is lifted into the ambulance, clinging onto life – will he survive? Robbie finds Holly in a bad way and takes her back to the Roscoes’ to freshen up; he doesn’t tell her about Jason. There’s chemistry between Holly and Robbie when he lets her stay to watch a film and they end up kissing. At the hospital, Jason tells Ben that Robbie’s responsible for his accident.

Meanwhile, Sinead discovers Scott is lying about sleeping rough and tells him to leave. In desperation, Scott lies to Ste that he thinks he’s got HIV. Ste manages to persuade Sinead to let Scott stay and Scott starts to feel guilty for taking advantage.

A worse-for-wear Tom turns up at the hospital where Peri and Angela are waiting for their appointment. Still high on pills, Tom goes into the room where Peri’s having a scan and starts knocking over medical equipment. Peri finds Tom at the boat, but is furious when he confesses to taking pills and she suddenly doubles over in pain.

Also, Grace is furious when she hears that Frankie has changed her son’s name to ‘Stephan’. Trevor issues Frankie and Jack with a summons for a custody hearing.