Will Jay get the sack?

Jay returns to work sporting a sombrero as he continues to pretend he’s been on a Spanish holiday. But he can’t fool everyone and Miriam, who knows he’s been for an orchidectomy to treat his cancer, brings him back to earth with a bump when she asks when his results will be ready.

Jay’s lies catch up with him when his nan, Maryam, is admitted to the emergency department after a fall at her care home. At first she accuses Jay of abandoning her to go on holiday but soon realises something is seriously wrong with her grandson.

Meanwhile, the pretence of hiding his cancer, coupled with the side effects of the operation, takes its toll. Jay’s thrown into a complete tailspin when Miriam reveals she’s pulled some strings to fast track his results. And when young carer Lawrence, who has heard him throwing up in the toilets, asks him if he’s OK in front of Maryam, Jay panics and violently attacks Lawrence for neglecting his nan!

Tess, baffled by Jay’s behaviour, has no option but to suspend him, pending investigation. With both his life and his job in jeopardy, Jay finally comes clean about his cancer fears to his nan. But will he tell Tess in order to save his job?

Elsewhere, Polly decides she wants to be a counsellor not a paramedic. And Mads leaves for her brother’s wedding in Pakistan.