Will Jay lose Abi for ever?

Abi gets her exam results, telling Jay that she’s got into the University of Liverpool. Hiding his unease, Jay arranges a gathering at Abi’s house to celebrate. Lola reminds Jay that it’s what Abi wants, but Jay’s not just rattled by the prospect of Abi moving. Later, he holds his beanie hat – similar to the one the man was wearing in the bus CCTV footage… Abi eventually confesses she didn’t get the grades and is waiting to go through clearing. Realising he can’t tell Abi the truth Jay burns the beanie hat.

Linda is sent roses, hiding them from Mick when she assumes they’re from Dean. It turns out that the roses were actually from Mick. Sharon invites Linda to Fat Blasters and she reluctantly attends, then clashes with Cora over Mick. When Cora goes too far, Linda snaps, insisting Mick is innocent.

Phil is intent on finding Rainie to sort out the problem once and for all. Bundling her into a car, he takes her to an abandoned shed in the allotments. When Phil realises that all Rainie wants is a fix, he decides to do something drastic. Phil later tells Ian that Rainie won’t be bothering him any more. But Ian’s relief is short-lived when Denise reveals Patrick is regaining his speech.