Will Jay turn Ben in to the police?

Ben’s delight over his cut of the stock car sale turns sour when a fuming Jay confronts him with the picture frame, threatening to go to the police. When Ben breaks down a guilty Jay hands over the frame and is stunned when a sneering Ben makes it clear he’s tricked him into handing it back. Ben threatens to tell the police Jay murdered Heather if he doesn’t do things his way. He tells Jay they can dump the frame later, but when they go to collect it they discover it gone…

Kat lies she’s got an evening class so she can spend time with her mystery lover. Kat’s frustrated when Jean insists on tagging along. Pushed to her limit, Kat snaps at Jean to stop going on about it. Instantly feeling bad, Kat cries off her illicit liaison to spend a girly night in with Jean.

Zainab does her best to tolerate AJ, whilst hoping he won’t find out they’re engaged and not married. AJ meets Denise and instantly warms to her. Over a few drinks Denise reveals the truth about Masood and Zainab’s relationship. Realising Masood’s ‘perfect life’ is an illusion AJ confesses that his own marriage is over and he has nowhere to go.