Stacey is wary of Steven, but is talked into going to R&R. Stacey is jealous when she spies Clare getting her claws into a naive Bradley and she snaps at Steven, who storms off. Stacey finds Steven sitting on her doorstep and hints that they could have a future together. Meanwhile, Clare makes Bradley take her home and she gives Stacey a smug glance as they pass.

Tanya and Sean spend the afternoon in bed, but Tanya is in a panic when she hears Max at the door. Tanya urges Sean to exit via the window, while she stalls Max downstairs. Sean is forced to hide under the bed when Max heads up to the bedroom. Sean is fuming when Max hints to Tanya he’d like to move off the couch and back into the bedroom and Tanya agrees to think about it.

Phil is worried when Shirley won’t answer her door and he barges it open and discovers her lying unconscious on the floor. Shirley comes round and tries to help her, but she demands another drink. Phil calls for an ambulance, despite her protests.

Also, Lucy slips up when she takes her eye off Bobby; Jane realises Christian is trying to split her up from Ian.

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