Will Jenny save Jack from an oncoming tram?

While Jenny tells Johnny about her troubled life on the pier, Sally and Sophie arrive in Blackpool to track down Tim. But Sally’s horrified to spot Tim with Kevin and while she accuses him of playing happy families, Jack vanishes from the cafe. He careers across the road, straight into the path of a tram, as Jenny rushes to his rescue.

Nick reveals how he once hit Leanne and he could do the same to Carla. But she assures him she loves him and she’s going nowhere. The consultant confirms Nick’s condition is stable, but he must avoid stress. Carla confides in Johnny that if Nick ever finds out about her fling with Robert, it could send him into a serious meltdown.

Gary clocks Lee about to steal from Erica’s handbag in the Rovers and when Liz threatens to call the police Billy steps in. Sean’s perplexed to hear Billy offering the lad a room at the rectory.

Anna’s hurt when Gary tells her he’d prefer her not to attend his court case. Kylie asks Freddie back to No.8 and he help her put the kids to bed.