Will Jett join the army?

With Jett wanting to join the army, Marilyn explains to Jett and John that she can’t bear to lose another child. Jett walks off, hoping to find Alf, but sees Roo instead. She explains he’s asking his family to make a big a sacrifice. After Roo’s wise words and Marilyn’s honesty, Jett decides not to join the army.

When Denny hears Ricky has gone into labour, she rushes to the hospital. Ricky starts have contractions and it’s up to John to get her to the hospital. Denny, Ash and Kyle arrive at the hospital and Kyle reassures Ricky she’s not alone, even if Brax is in prison. After his heartwarming words, Ricky asks Kyle to be her delivery room partner. Meanwhile, Brax is disappointed that Ricky is a no show at the prison, unaware that she’s in labour.

Kyle tells Ash and Denny that Ricky is missing Brax, then tells them to talk things through as it’s clear they still have feelings for each other. Later, the pair share a tender moment when Kyle tells them Ricky has given birth to a boy.