Will Jimmi attack his father?

Alun is struggling with debts and hits the bottle. He’s convinced that he’s seeing his son, Jimmi – but he and Jimmi are estranged and haven’t seen each other in years. Meanwhile, Bryn phones Al in a panic – Jimmi’s gone AWOL. Later, Alun opens his front door and is amazed to see Jimmi standing there. He invites him in but Jimmi is in no mood to talk and launches a brutal physical attack.

Howard is approached by Mick, who is collecting money for charity. Howard doesn’t give a donation and Mick abuses him. Howard rings around and discovers the charity Mick’s collecting for doesn’t even exist!  Howard takes great pleasure in seeing Mick and his collection tin escorted off the premises.

Sid is getting on everyone’s wick – but Ayesha thinks he’s sweet and suggests to Niamh and Emma that they ask him to join them for lunch at the Icon. Over the course of the lunch, they all start to warm to him.