Jimmi and Heather meet the councellor at the abortion clinic. Heather confesses she wants to keep the baby and is shocked when Jimmi agrees but admits he isn’t the baby’s father. Sylvia asks if Heather has spoken to the father and Heather admits she’s not done so, but will.

Barry is lumbered with work experience trainee Kris but after doing a good job, Barry puts in a good word for him in the IT department, who are looking for trainees. A grateful Kris wishes Barry good luck with his call but Barry’s stunned to discover he didn’t get the job.

Zara asks Ayesha about how she coped with looking after Sierra and working. An incredulous Ayesha asks if Zara’s asking her for advice, but Zara sharply denies it. Ayesha snaps that Zara must be the best mom and stalks out. Later Ayesha apologises, saying that there is no magic formula for coping with kids and urges Zara to talk to Daniel.