Will Jo uncover the model murderer?

When Larry Franks withdraws his confession to killing model Cindy Statham, DC Jo Masters decides to reopen the case. Jo is certain that Larry buried a tape of Cindy’s death by the canal and when the tape turns up showing grainy footage of Larry stroking the dying model’s hair, Larry is re-interviewed.

Convinced Larry’s innocent, Jo works into the night studying the tape, which crime scene photographer, Rachel Inns, insists on watching with her. When Jo uncovers new evidence on the tape, she rushes to tell DS Stuart Turner and Rachel offers her a lift. Little does Jo realise that the killer is about to strike again…

Elsewhere, DC Mickey Webb leads an investigation into a robbery at a jewellers, in which the assailant got away on a scooter. When Mickey gets a description of a bike leaving the scene of another robbery, he visits his friend, a Mod café owner Jerry Harper, to see if he can help identify who the bike belongs to.

Mickey gets a shock when trainee DC Kezia Walker turns up at the cafe to reveal that the scooter belongs to Ruby, Jerry’s daughter. Ruby pleads innocence, and Jerry later confesses to the burglaries. Certain that Jerry’s lying, Mickey wants to solve the case before his friend is sent down for a crime he didn’t commit.