Gail and Joe are oblivious to what is happening back at home and prepare to set sail in the boat. Joe’s in his element, but Gail’s clearly terrified about being on the open water. Her fear turns to incredulity when Joe suggests to Gail he fakes his own death and disappears for seven years allowing her to cash in his life insurance policy.

Gail and Joe set off for the Lakes with the boat, as Rick comes looking for Joe at No 8. David explains that Joe’s gone away for a few days and a worried Tina confides in a stunned David that Rick is a loan shark.

A hung-over Peter apologises to Leanne for letting her down, but she’s angry and upset and not in the mood for forgiving. Meanwhile, Peter finds himself on the end of a tongue lashing from Janice, who tells him how he’s let everyone down and Leanne might not forgive him.

Also, Leanne’s concerned when she later discovers Peter’s gone missing. George agrees to look after Simon while Leanne continues to look for Peter, but unbeknown to the search party Peter has let himself into Turner’s Joinery and is helping himself to the wine left over from the party.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail tries to talk Joe out of his crazy idea but he’s adamant it’s the only way to escape his spiralling debts. Gails horrified when Joe scambles on to the boat in the darkness, she pulls him back just in time and the pair row on the edge of the lake. Joe falls and sprains his wrist, but manages to break free from Gail, setting off in the boat leaving her sobbing on the jetty. Sitting in the cottage alone, shaken and upset she tries to phone Joe but he doesn’t answer.

Peter’s well on the road to self-destruction by now and turns up at George and Eve’s house, drunk and demanding to see Simon. George is furious and sends him packing. Heading back to Coronation Street Peter calls in the Rovers where Michelle refuses to serve him. Heading to the bookies, he insists Ciaran joins him for a few beers.

Tina is worried about Joe, troubled by their last conversation. She tries his mobile over and over again but like Gail gets no reply.

Also, Ken, Deirdre, George and Leanne get together to discuss Peter’s drink problem, and George offers to pay for rehab.

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