Will Joey press charges against Robbo?

Robbo confronts Aden, trying to figure out what the police know. Joey struggles with her statement – she’s worried how her brother Brett will react. Charlie tells Aden about Joey’s brother’s homophobia. Aden and Belle see Robbo harassing Joey, and Aden almost punches him. Joey is about to sign the statement when Brett turns up. He knows about her accusation against Robbo and Joey is reluctant to sign the statement.

Elsewhere, news gets out that Angelo’s case won’t be going to trial and Martha goes missing. As Tony hears about Angelo avoiding trial, he realises Jack’s boat is missing – Martha has taken it out, to commune with Jack. Alf, Tony and Rachel go to look for the boat but can’t find it and there’s a storm brewing. Martha is at peace for the first time in so long but she’s unaware of the storm…

Irene is excited about the date with Lou. He’s planned a trip to the opera and a fancy restaurant, and Irene’s a bit overwhelmed. She rips her dress and stresses out, cancelling the dinner. But Lou turns up anyway and they end up enjoying fish and chips on the pier. He offers her a drink but she declines. She’s worried about telling him she’s an alcoholic.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday March 30*

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