Will John and Marilyn be foster parents again?

As John and Marilyn wait on news from the social services, Raffy decides to do something special for the couple

John’s worried that a references from Alf and the community service program won’t be enough to convince the fostering services to look past his recent criminal convictions. Marilyn suggests they stay optimistic and concentrate on supporting Raffy in her hour of need. The Palmers create a whole night where they pamper Raffy to take her mind off Mason’s condition. Raffy is beyond grateful for their efforts and, in return, does something for them…

Hunter’s left devastated when Wally tells him that he can’t be his father, as he can’t have children. Hunter doesn’t believe a word Wally says and tells him that his mother Charlotte was murdered and he needs to track down his dad. Wally’s moved by Hunter’s outburst and has breakfast with him. The pair seem to get on like a house on fire, but Wally still denies that he can be Hunter’s father. Hunter’s not convinced, however, and asks him to take a DNA test. Will Wally accept Hunter’s request?

Also, Alf isn’t acting like himself and it’s starting to worry Roo. Eventually, Alf admits his attack has knocked his confidence and he feels vulnerable that he can’t protect himself. Can anyone talk to Alf and convince him otherwise? Later, Irene realises that someone has been stealing from The Diner’s food deliveries, will they manage to catch the thief?