Will John Paul forgive Danny?

John Paul is devastated after finding out Danny is a married man, while Sam berates her husband about being friends with John Paul after arresting him last week – little does she know. At school, Danny corners John Paul and tells him he loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. They’re interrupted by Peri who’s lost on her first day of school and John Paul lets out his anger at the student. When Peri tells her mum that she got shouted at by John Paul, Sam confronts the teacher but will she push him too far?

Fraser orders Trevor to pin Trent’s murder on someone, so Trevor pays Ste and Doug a visit at the deli and plants a gun in Leah’s little pink rucksack. Ste discovers the gun, just as Sam and her police team raid the flat. Ste is arrested but Sinead knows this is Trevor’s doing.

Mercedes offers to help Sinead and Freddie take Trevor down once and for all and Sinead produces Trent’s blood splattered warrant card for them to use as evidence.

Also, Martha’s dislike of Will grows.