Will John-Paul ruin Craig’s special day?

Everyone is buzzing with Sarah and Craig’s engagement news, but Craig worries about what John-Paul is going to say. Later, reluctant Craig explains to John-Paul how he loves both he and Sarah. John-Paul is left feeling betrayed, but despite his despair, manages to get Craig in a passionate clinch upstairs at The Dog. It seems John-Paul has an agenda to separate Sarah and Craig forever.

Justin is embarrassed at the tiny size of the present he’s been able to afford for Katy’s birthday. Although Katy loves it, Justin is annoyed when Warren shoves it aside in favour of his own expensive gift for his sister.

Later, Warren and Louise take Katy and Justin out to celebrate and announce the news that they are buying The Loft. However, when Warren invites Justin to work for him again at the Loft, unhappy memories come flooding back and the pair end up having a row which ruins Katy’s special day.

And things start looking up for Danny and Calvin when they discover a party going on at The Dog. Danny works the room, flirting outrageously with the ladies, but he only has eyes for Mercedes.